Writer's Block Doesn't Exist

I don’t want to sound insensitive, because people who claim to have suffered from what they believe is writer’s block find it torturous, but I believe it is self-made. I’m not talking about being blocked in a story because a scene has no conflict, or the character motivation is off, or any other craft reason for a story not progressing. You can read this post on fixing a flat scene. I’m talking about when people claim to not be able to finish their story, or even come up with one, because they are ‘blocked.’

To me, and it’s just an opinion based on my experience, writer’s block is a manifestation of fear or resistance. You might be scared to tell your story, so subconsciously you’re resisting moving forward for many reasons. One reason could be fear of ridicule, so you never want to finish it so you don’t have to show people. What if it isn't good? What if people mock me? What if people don't like the character which is really a bit of me? 

The moment you label something as a block you give it power. It becomes something you’re fighting, and something you're often powerless against, and it takes up a lot of emotional time that could be better spent writing your story and moving forward.

Writer’s block is something you’ve created to stop yourself telling your story. If your reason is that you're scared people won't like your story, remember, no matter what you do, even if you win a thousand awards, whenever you put something out there, there will always be someone, or a few people who want to say you're crap.

Don't let that person be you.

Happy writing.