If you fill in the form at the bottom of the page, ONCE A MONTH I'll pick one out of a hat AT RANDOM and dedicate a short story to the lucky/ unlucky person selected. It will be in prose or script form depending on my energy levels, and it will be structured around info you provide. 

If there's a challenge to include something, let me know in the form and I'll do my best to make it work.

My aim will be to write the story in two days from when I pick the form. Be aware, doing it for free + tiredness + time limit = probably rubbish and full of cliches. 

If yours does not get picked it goes back in the hat for the next draw. Sorry, I am but one idiot with a limited amount of time. 

You can read the STORIES HERE. 

Once I have enough I'll put them in an eBook.

Rights to all stories are owned by me, Mark Boutros. 

Name *
Can't dedicate a story to nobody.
Pick any and I'll try not to balls it up. Not porn though. I will refuse.
Any unique things about your character I should know.
Any five words and I will use them to craft the story and character.