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#33 in Kindle Store for Epic Fantasy and #45 for Literary humour.

An epic fantasy featuring magic, monsters, morons and more. 

Below average twenty-year old Karl has poor eyesight, can't throw, and has never really fit in. That's okay though, because he lives in Flowforn where people are encouraged to live their dreams, and having failed at so many jobs he lives his dream of doing absolutely nothing. However, when the tyrant man-hawk, Arazod invades Flowforn, Karl's life will never be the same again.

Here are some reviews from non-family members:

'Very much enjoyed Karl's adventures - a colourful rabble of characters you really grow to love in a novel laced with dry wit. Wouldn't want to draw lazy comparisons to Pratchett, but the marriage of whimsical characters and a fully-realised but bonkers world, plus the potential to explore more of Hastovia in future instalments (plus the fact I'm lazy) means I'm going to.
Hope it finds the audience it richly deserves. Two thumbs up.' CRUNCHYBACKPACK

'This is a wildly funny fantasy romp that fans of Terry Pratchett will love.
The characters are vibrant and a bit disturbed, the storyline is an unforgettable one.' CAZ

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