Here is the form I was sent:

Name: Jason Murphy

Name of main character and gender: Sue

Genre: Feel good

Character description: Sue needs to be a little girl

Special info: I want there to be a spider, and no dialogue.


Thanks Jason, here's your story. Hope it's alright.


THE STORY - WEBBY (Format: Short Animation)


SUE (8. Chubby brunette. Cute, but poor in appearance) digs twigs into the ground, making a small twig scene of a house and family. 

She glances over at three well-off children - GAIL (10), JENNY (10), and JAMES (10). They all look like their lives are perfect as they play with their pretty Labrador Retrievers. 

SUE hopes to catch the group looking back, but they leave. SUE gets back to poking the ground with twigs.



SUE plods past a school with a banner: 'Prettiest Pet 2015. £50 Entry. £1000 Prize Money.'



SUE's dad's makeshift art studio. Boxes of art supplies cover the bunk beds, arm chair, and cooker. Crusty wallpaper barely attached to the walls and a dim lamp complete the room.

BEN (38. Exhausted. Clothes hanging off his bony frame) struggles to finish a painting as he eats a flavourless sandwich. The painting is a colourful landscape of a country village. There's something missing that makes the painting truly personal.

BEN sketches at his desk but can't crack it. 

SUE pushes the door open, nudging supplies out of the way. BEN's exhaustion fades when he sees her smile. SUE jumps on to his lap for a hug.

He gives her a bite of the sandwich then wipes the crumbs off the desk, where an eviction notice sits. If BEN can't pay £500 they have to find somewhere to live. 

SUE shows BEN a photo of a dog. Her eyes tell BEN she desperately wants a pet. 

BEN looks in his wallet. A crusty £20 note is all that lives there.



SUE, on BEN's shoulders looks at all the pets. He's carrying a big bag. 

SUE takes an interest in the terrapins. BEN is relieved as he can afford them. SUE pokes at the tank a couple of time then loses interest. 

They look at the parrots flying around their cages. SUE isn't interested. 

They walk past the hamsters, rats, snakes, and fish, but SUE spots a beautiful, fluffy Pekingese dog. Her heart is set on it.

BEN looks at the OWNER, then his £20 note. The OWNER points at a sign indicating it's £430. 

BEN pulls a stunning painting of an eagle out of his bag and puts the £20 on it. The OWNER nudges the offer of the table. 

BEN glances at SUE. She's sad but understands.



SUE's twig house is impressive. Complete with a garden fence and twig models of SUE, BEN, and a dog in the front driveway/ SUE tries to fish the perfect twig out of the pond to finish her masterpiece. 

The group of children with their dogs is a lot closer. They notice the twig house and want to get a good look at it. SUE is thrilled.

JAMES' dog sniffs at the house.

SUE smiles at the group. They whisper among themselves and chuckle. JAMES gestures to his dog to crush, and the dog destroys the twig house. SUE's face drops.

She chases the dog away, but is knocked into the pond by JENNY and GAIL's dogs. She tries to get out but the dogs barking scares her. She cries. 

The group laughs and walks off. 

As SUE weeps she notices a SPIDER float by on a leaf. It's struggling to get to land and visibly distressed. 

SUE stops the leaf. The SPIDER crawls onto her hand an blinks at her with its eight, cute yes. The SPIDER tickles SUE's cheek with its hairy legs, restoring the smile to her face.



BEN sketches frantically. He's getting nowhere. 

SUE enters and smiles at him. He notices her clothes are soaked and wraps a towel around her. 

He sees the SPIDER on his desk and recoils to the back of the room. He throws objects at the SPIDER, but SUE protects it. 

SUE encourages BEN to get closer. He carefully edges towards the SPIDER. SUE holds the SPIDER out and strokes it to show BEN. He taps it with his finger then jumps back.

SUE shows BEN a flyer: 'Prettiest Pet 2015. £50 Entry. £1000 Prize Money.' He doesn't want to sped money entering a spider, but seeing SUE so happy he relents. 



The contest. Families gather and children with all sorts of pets from dogs, cats, a parrot, and a monkey, stand around chatting. 

SUE and BEN stand at registration. BEN hands over the £20 note and the painting of the eagle. The OLD MAN running registration looks at SUE's hopeful face. He agrees to take the painting. BEN shakes his hand a bit too enthusiastically. 

Under the Pet Name section of the application, SUE writes 'WEBBY.' She shows WEBBY to the OLD MAN who looks confused by it all.



JAMES parades his dog. It does a back flip to the amazement of the crowd. Everyone applauds.

It's SUE's turn. BEN straightens her jumper and kisses her forehead. Nerves are getting the better of her. 

She nods at BEN and walks into view. She offers a nervous smile to the watching faces. She blow her hair out of her face and holds WEBBY out for all to see. She puts him on the concrete floor. One MAN faints and the rest of the crowd are in shock. Some people laugh, including two of the JUDGING PANEL.

As laughter grows, SUE cries and runs off, leaving WEBBY alone in the middle of the playground. She hugs BEN who shakes his head at smirking families. 

JAMES' dog approaches WEBBY and sniffs at him. He pats WEBBY with his paw and chases him around.

SUE, seeing WEBBY in danger runs out and chases JAMES' dog away. She holds a visibly shaken WEBBY. WEBBY crawls up her shoulder and strokes her face, forcing a giggle. She wipes away snotty tears as WEBBY continues tickling her.

The crowd warms to the moment. 



The HEAD OF THE JUDGING PANEL paces along the line of contestants as she hands out rosettes.

A third place rosette is placed on an annoyed JENNY. The second place rosette is placed on a disappointed GAIL. 

The HEAD OF THE JUDGING PANEL walks past a smug JAMES and pins the first place rosette on SUE.

Overjoyed, SUE runs to her dad and hugs him as they are also presented with the cheque for £1000.

WEBBY chews the rosette.

People admire BEN's painting of the eagle and he writes his number on several business cards.



BEN picks up a box and takes it into their new home. 



BEN puts up his finished painting. In the foreground of his picture SUE plays happily with WEBBY.