Below are some testimonials about my story editing. Get in touch if you want to discuss editing your script. My aim is always to help you find the best way to tell your story. I look at character motivation, story structure, and the emotional throughline and whether there is enough happening. I make sure the dramatic beats are as strong as they can be and ultimately, whether your characters are engaging and whether their wants and needs are clear.

When it comes to comedy, it is subjective, so I'll never tell you if something is funny or not, that's not for me to judge and we're all into different things. For example, I love New Girl, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, whereas you may prefer others and think I am an idiot. I understand joke structure so can tell you if you're getting the best out of your style of humour and point to places where you may be able to add humour without obstructing the narrative. 

My experience comes from writing on various for various mediums, an MA, being a mentor at universities, my interest in the subject of story, and I worked as an editor at Radish Fiction for over a year, giving edit notes on over twenty novels for their online platform. 


Matt Holt, award winning director (Jack And Dean of All Trades, Hollyoaks, The Midnight Beast's Valentine)

"Mark always manages to hone in on exactly where a script can be improved. Whether it be an issue with structure, character development and consistency, cutting down to running time, or improving the funnies his razor sharp technical, narrative, and comedic awareness is always on the money. He's one of my first ports of call for any script, and the primary recommendation I would make to anyone in need of a script editor."


Andy Moseley, Award winning writer and playwright

"Mark helped me with my first film script. He helped me to understand what I needed to do to make the transition from writing for the stage to writing films. The great thing about Mark is that he can see the potential in scripts and works with writers to help them realise it. You feel he's on your side, rather than just telling you what you have to do."