The Form:

Name: Emma Jack

Name Of Main Character You Want And Gender: Kimiko (female)

Genre: Kick ass poetry

Character Description: Half Chinese, half Japanese, 11 year old Kimiko lives with her father, a renowned Japanese poet who specialises in haiku. In what starts out an ordinary day he is killed in (what appears to be) a terrible accident. Orphaned, Kimiko is taken to China to live with her elderly, eccentric uncle Gang. To focus young Kimiko's rage at the unfair turn her life has taken Gang schools her in the ancient art of Kung Fu. As Kimiko grows in strength and ability she learns to connect her martial arts skills with her innate love of poetry - in doing so she seeks to uncover the truth behind the death of her father.

Special Info: Haiku kung fu. Go.

So confused. But here you go. 


Axe kicked auntie's nose,

Told me uncle shot my dad.

Hunting your bald head. 

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